Wholesale Purchase And Retailer Section

This section deals with retail clientele only, We ask that only legitimate retailers request our catalogs and pricing information.

If you are a retailer interested in adding any of the products listed within our site you may E-MAIL US with your contact information and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible with information on carrying any of the products listed on this site. In order to validate that each catalog request we receive does in fact originate from a legitimate retailer we require that you submit a Retail ID # and we will also screen each request via telephone. We are sorry if this seems as an inconvenience but due to the sensitive nature of these products we make every effort to ensure that they do not, in any fashion, fall into the hands of minors.

We offer several tools to help our clients promote their Phallix sales.

Glass Orgasm Lubricant Display Case

Glass Orgasm personal lubricant packaged in an attractive and eyecatching display case. Case includes a 24 count of 4 Oz. bottles with a choice of 2 label styles to suit you clientele.

Phallix Clam Shell Packaging

An attractive clear package that allows a great view of our products and it's easy to add to your existing display! Fits not only the Phallix itself but a pouch and a full color promotional mini-foldout.

Phallix Point Of Purchase Display Case

Finally... A display case that's as unique as our products! This is a very attractive, brightly lit, secure, display case with an "industrial" look.

Phallix Promotional DVD

A 12+ minute DVD featuring a product introduction leading into our full length feature on Playboy TX's Sexcetera Episode #50. Perfect for your in store promotions. View the clips in our Media Gallery!

A WARNING TO RETAILERS! There are a number of other glass dildos appearing on the market of dubious origin. There is a potential safety issue if they are not manufactured to exacting standards with the right quality material as exemplified by Phallix.



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