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The Spiral Wrapped Prized Perennial is a 7-inch long clear solid Pyrex G-Spot shaft that has a clear spiral wrapping with a colorful flower set into the head. The head is smooth and clear, which magnifies the beautiful flower and adds a real deep three-dimensional appearance. The base is flared and colored with either a rich navy blue or red and is designed to stand up. Itís available in 1 inch and 1 1/4-inch diameters while the head is approx. 1/4-inch larger than the shaft diameter and nicely rounded. The clear spiral wrapping is smooth running the length of the shaft and adds approx. 1/4-inch to the shaft diameter. We have many different colored flowers but they are done randomly and no two are exactly alike. This piece is simple yet very elegant and you will find this may very well be the perfect gift for that special someone. OUT OF STOCK