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The Love Handle is an interesting and very functional style whether youíre using it with a partner or by yourself. It's a 7-inch X 1-inch diameter clear solid spiral wrapped Pyrex G-Spot shaft with a clear smooth straight 5-inch X 1-inch handle. The curved shaft is spiral wrapped with a 24-karat gold band that wraps its way around the shaft from the handle to the head. The wrapping is colored buy a real 24-karat gold "fuming" technique that is in the glass itself, it will never fade or wear off and itís totally safe. The wrapping is bordered by a navy blue pin stripe and adds approx. 1/4-inch to the shaft diameter. The head is clear smooth and is approx. 1/4-inch larger in diameter than the shaft. The handle is clear smooth and solid with a ball end that is approx. 1/4-inch larger in diameter and serves to help you hand from slipping off. This handle fits comfortably in your hand and as we've mentioned it's a very functional piece that works just as well with a partner and is also the perfect "do it yourself" tool.

Price: $199.99